New Packer

By | March 26, 2021


Job Description: The New Packer will be responsible of executing all task related to the Packager role, in safe and effective manner. Essential Job Functions: 1. Sorting, inspecting and cleaning of product to be packaged 2. Pack finished product in an effective manner in the proper containers. 3. Pack proper amount of units per container as per specifications. 4. Pack containers on pallets in the proper pallet pattern. 5. Shrink-wrap or strap the pallet as per customer specifications. 6. Keep immediate work area free of debris and safety hazards. 7. Any other duties as assigned by Lead Hand, Plant Coordinator or Management. Other Skills required: (computer, language, etc)  Physical stamina to perform the duties.  Basic arithmetic skills  Ability to understand and carry out direction given.  Ability to lift up to 55 lbs constantly Job ID: 39553947
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