Strata Building Maintenance Caretaker

By | March 28, 2021


Job Description:Job Description Strata Building Maintenance Caretaker Job Description Strata Building Maintenance is a unique career, and can be extremely rewarding for the right person who possesses the right mindset, attitude, willingness to grow, and ability to take leadership on solving problems. Strong interpersonal skills are a must when dealing with the strata council, strata manager, other strata owners, and fellow trades. Possessing a desire for clear, and efficient communication is key to the Caretaker’s success, especially in the realms of building maintenance, and people management. Instead of sitting in an office all day, the Strata Building Maintenance Caretaker is regularly visible on-site, and actively engaged in all aspects of the building operations, while having a handle on the various repairs, issues, and improvements that are happening. Staying calm and cool under pressure is crucial, as is being disciplined enough to consistently get things done, while adding value for our clients’ strata property investment, day in, and day out. Stratapro Solutions’ Building Maintenance Caretakers are asked to strive for the highest standard in the industry, and to show how important this role is to the success of the strata corporation’s bottom-line, as well as the community as a whole. We are hiring for attitude, and a willingness to learn from scratch, regardless of industry experience or experience in general; our unique approach is extremely effective in making the job go smoothly, and if done properly, can lead to a very high level of overall personal, and job satisfaction. As a Strata Building Maintenance Caretaker for Stratapro Solutions you will be asked to:Possess a natural interest in learning the many different physical assets of the building systems, their purpose, and how they work together such as booster pumps, Make Up Air Units, Fire Suppression System, Enterphones, Electrical Vaults, Water Supply Valves, Boilers, and Fans, for exampleBe able to complete basic visual inspections of those physical assets, such as belts, and gauges, as well as make minor adjustments as necessary, such as temperature, or turning a valve to isolate a water leak.Be aware, and use the senses when in the building, such as looking up in a hallway to notice a water leak, or listening to a fan in case it is not sounding rightEngage with other trades in the building to fully understand the work that is being done, and if there are any issues, or follow up requiredCommunicate with the strata manager, council liaison, and owners by email, or on the phone in a professional, concise, informed, and effective mannerMaintain a relaxed, confident, and grounded personality when dealing with all points of contact, in person, or virtual, while also refraining from any behavior that could be deemed unprofessionalPossess excellent written and verbal communication skills, with solid experience in spreadsheets and various other commonly used business documentsDemonstrate organizational skills in administration tasks such as requests for trades access, regular maintenance and inspection schedules, and funds generated from common area requests for keys, fobs, and visitors passes, for exampleStudy and stay informed on strata bylaws, rules, procedures, and most importantly respecting the proper chain of command when strata funds are required to be spentKeep detailed daily records of activities in an on-line document, selecting who is responsible for the next step (strata manager, strata council, Stratapro team member) and following up in a suitable time frame depending on the urgency of the issueComplete daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual checklists effectively, and efficiently so that adequate time can be allocated to small projects that improve the look, and feel of the building, and operations in generalAssist the maintenance team with small projects and improvements while providing leadership, teamwork, variety, and a fun, engaging work environmentSafely, and confidently perform a variety of tasks that are essential to a Strata Building Maintenance Caretaker’s knowledge base, and ability to know what’s going on, such as inspecting the roof top, and using ladders to access ceiling hatchesWork a regular shift of 830am to 230pm Monday to Friday and be available to come in early, or stay late on the occasion that a resident is unable to meet you during those hours. Also, you would be asked to attend on weekends if there’s a move in, or move out. These usually occur at month end.Take the highest level of personal responsibility while at work to ensure that things are being taken care of, issues are being addressed, and problems do not multiply after hours, or on the weekendsDemonstrate an ability to be consistent, fair, and firm, in dealing with owner or resident requests, earning, and showing mutual respect, while maintaining personal, and professional boundariesLive off-site, preferably within 30 minutes drive time of the strata building, and make no efforts to live in the buildings we work in, or engage in any after hours activities of a personal nature with any and all on-site owners, or residents, unless approved by strata councilComfortably, and confidently be able to communicate any personal problems, or issues with the job, or work environment, to one’s Supervisor, so that they can help remove obstacles, suggest some alternative solutions, or provide guidanceBe mindful of the importance of one’s mental, physical and spiritual health, and have ‘taking care of oneself’ as a high priority while at work, and while not at workCommunicate well in advance for requested vacation time, appointments, or illness, and make an active effort to ensure someone is able to cover for them during these timesAssist Stratapro Solutions in growing, and helping other strata buildings by supporting the on-site team, train new employees from time to time, and generally accept the responsibility of being a representative, and face of the company while on-site.Possess a minimum class 5 driver’s license, with a vehicle that is presentable and characteristic of a person in a professional, and important position Reference ID: STPCNS Application Deadline: 2021-04-06Related keywords: building maintenance, maintenance, building operator, electrician, power engineer Job Types: Full-time, Permanent Salary: $25.00-$30.00 per hour COVID-19 considerations:Our team is encouraged to wear masks when around others, and physically distance when necessary. We provide PPE such as masks, and gloves, as well as disinfectant available on site as required Job ID: 30499989
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