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By | March 27, 2021

We are looking for a skilled Butcher to provide high-quality meats and services to our customers. The Butcher will perform quality inspections, use meat grinders, knives, saws, and other tools to cut meat down into smaller portions, weigh, price, and package cuts, and ensure that displays and signage are attractive and eye-catching. You will also speak to customers to determine their needs, provide advice regarding proper cuts of meat and preparation methods, and coordinate pickups or deliveries.

To succeed as a Butcher, you should be courteous, knowledgeable, and detail-oriented. You should have excellent communication skills and a strong understanding of meat quality, cuts, and preparation.

Butcher Responsibilities:
• Cutting, grinding, and preparing meats for sale.
• Cleaning and maintaining tools and equipment and
ensuring displays and signage are accurate and
• Weighing, packaging, pricing, and displaying
• Keeping records, budgets, and inventory.
• Performing quality inspections on meats and other
• Negotiating and confirming orders with suppliers.
• Adhering to food safety and sanitation controls.
• Greeting and speaking to customers, providing
advice, answering questions, and accepting orders
or payments.
• Coordinating deliveries or order pickups.

Butcher Requirements:
• Education or food preparation or meat cutting
• Ability to use hand tools, stand or walk for
extending periods, lift heavy items, and work in
cold environments.
• Additional training is often required.
• Knowledge of meat preparation techniques and
• Strong communication, task management, and
customer service skills.

If you fit or feel like you fit for this job, please don’t hesitate and contact us at:
403-477-9931 – Call/Text
You can also email us at:

Located in the NE of Calgary Jackonsport Squar

Please send us your resume and a brief description of yourself.

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