Experienced Immigration Sales Representative

By | June 7, 2021

Job Description
Job Description

Job Summary – Call us at (780) 233 0007

Job Description Tasks/Duties – under supervision of RCIC

Bring NEW CLIENTS to increase the business revenue.

Complete immigration forms for clients Assemble forms and evidence into packages for submission to CIC.

Write simple cover letters tailored to individual cases Perform basic screening of clients to ensure eligibility for immigration benefits Tasks/Duties – expanded role with accreditation Research complex and unusual immigration legal puzzles Write complex cover letters/briefs to persuade government adjudicators of your interpretation of immigration law Help clients to translate their thoughts into coherent written affidavits Assemble complicated immigration applications involving multiple forms and a variety of essential evidence. Screen clients who have no knowledge of the immigration system for paths to citizenship, residency or other types of temporary status. Explain the complexities of immigration law to clients so that they can make informed decisions about their own cases As the Immigration Specialist, you will learn the nuances of immigration law both through coursework and on the job training. Throughout your training and work, you will interact with clients in English, prepare government forms, and write cover letters/briefs for your own caseload. The job is extremely demanding, but, for the right person with the motivation and curiosity necessary to succeed, it is also extremely satisfying. Qualities necessary for success in the position (in no particular order):

Writing ability – You must be a talented writer, able to express your thoughts clearly and concisely. You must be able to write persuasively on behalf of others who will not share your abilities. You must be able to proofread your own work. Attention to detail – A single missed box on an immigration form can cause the form to be rejected. You must be the kind of person who checks your work and then checks it again. Curiosity – You must be perpetually curious and have the humility to recognize that there is always more to learn. You must have an appetite for puzzles and esoterica. Kindness – You must be able to treat people with kindness and patience, even (especially) when your kindness and patience are not returned. Language ability – You must be able to read, write, speak and listen competently in English. , but you must be able to perform all job duties. Additional thoughts:

Due to the highly specialized nature of the job, you may find the Immigration Specialist position overwhelming if you have not obtained at least a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent mix of educational and career experience. There is no educational requirement though, and the above-listed qualities will be valued above any certificate or diploma. The certification process is a minimum of 12 months, so we are seeking someone who would like to build a career in this specialized human services area.

Please submit a resume and a cover letter explaining any past experience and why you are interested in this field.

Job Type: Full-time Job Location:

Required education: Bachelor’s Required experience:

1 year Required language:

English Job Type: Commission

Required education:

High school or equivalent Required experience:

Must have Experience in Immigration Services: 1 year *


Suit 102, 1253 – 91 Street SW Edmonton, AB | T6X 1E9

Phone : 780 233 0007

Job Type: Full-time

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Internship, Contract, Commission

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Commission

Salary: $0.00 per hour

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