General Helper / Labourer / Wide Variety of Tasks / In & Outside

By | June 26, 2021

You will help with an interesting and diverse range of jobs and projects, a familiarity with basic tools is helpful, cutting grass with a John Deere tractor, landscaping (optional work with chainsaw if comfortable), simple gardening assistance, part time cleaning position also available, some simple construction work on low scaffolding, and on a low roof), applying tin siding to barn and shed, some general construction and repair, some groundskeeping, building a planter, planting a few trees, setting up shelves, landscaping with simple gabian walls, availability to use bobcat if experienced, building a sign and outbuildings, fencing, painting possibly various interesting gas and diesel mechanics jobs if able / interested, setting up a mezzanine and much much more. There is a lot of diverse and interesting work and other work that is more ‘meditative’ (like driving a lawn tractor). If you can weld that will open up a few more doors too. Work is both indoors and outdoors partially dependant upon the weather and can be structured to a degree to suit the successful applicant’s strengths and or interests. The position can be casual or ongoing, and would ideally be near full-time hours, with some flexibility to suit exceptional staff. Considerations will be given to hiring two people to facilitate both cooperative and independent projects. Wage structure will is determined with considerations of experience and efficiency. Call or Text Sean at 780-974-4309 anytime. Thank you, good luck & good day!

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