Marketing and Cold calling ($15-$30/hour)

By | March 9, 2021

Perfect job for high school/university students.

I am looking to hire 2-3 employees to join my marketing team, I am a contracted painter working out of west Edmonton and need to get my marketing up and running as painting season is upon us.

Two Positions,

1) Door to Door sales, Pay ranges from $20hr to $30hr. $15 per hour guaranteed, 5$ per lead. Create your own schedule work when you want. We need enthusiastic individuals who can sell themselves and the company.

2) Flyer Delivery, this position entails of employees going door to door and putting door knockers on handles, very easy work and you can create your own schedule. Pay ranges from $15-$20hr depending on how fast you can deliver flyers 0.15-0.17$ per knocker. Most employees just plug in music and blast through it.

We are almost in primetime painting season and looking to hire quickly.
Please text or call 587-598-8784 if interested

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