Private High School Math Tutor Needed

By | April 28, 2021

General Description:
$19-$25/ hour Part-Time

TutorHour is an Edmonton based private tutoring service provider. We deliver flexible and personalized tutoring programs in the comfort of the student’s home (or at the closest public library). We are looking for dedicated individuals who can challenge and motivate students.

Job Requirements and Qualifications:
-High School diploma
-Working towards or have completed an undergraduate or post secondary degree
-Proficient in the subject you are tutoring in
-Passionate about the success of your tutoring students
-Enthusiastic, Responsible and Patient
-Has a desire to work with school aged children
-Must have access to a car and be willinging to travel to homes or public libraries to tutor

We Offer:
-Flexible working hours and regular weekly schedule with the same student(s) throughout the year
-Help with lesson planning for first time tutors
-Minimum time commitment of 3 hours/ week
-Prompt monthly payments for all complete tutoring sessions
-Opportunities for advancement
-An excellent starting block in your teaching/ tutoring career

Please submit your resume through email to and specify what grade levels and what subjects you can tutor. Successful applicants will receive a reply email.

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