Seeking employment as a Cook/Housekeeper on a Farm/Ranch

By | April 10, 2021

Farm girl from Alberta with over 14 years of farming experience: running two farms, managing staff, marketing, free range poultry/egg production, natural (mainly by hand) vegetable crop production.
Experienced in cooking and keeping house (including laundry, mending, and budgeting) for a household of 20+. Experienced in various cuisines, putting up preserves, baking, sourdoughs, cheese-making, etc. 4 years experience with nannying: childcare and tutoring. Capable of keeping a garden and assisting with animals/livestock.
Have hand milked both cows and goats and have assisted with machine milking as well. I have bottle fed calves, lambs, and kids, and have done a bit of riding. Experience working with all types of livestock and poultry. Not afraid of long hours and am willing to learn and be of help wherever I can!
Looking for a long-term position, preferably in Alberta but willing to relocate to Saskatchewan and possibly B.C. Thank you for your consideration!

Due to a workplace injury a few years ago I have asthma and chemical/scent allergies, so I am looking for a place that is 100% non-smoking.

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