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By | June 2, 2021

Summary of the job description
Do you like being at the heart of the IT transformation of an organization in full evolution and which stands out for its modern and human aspects? Be part of a large team that develops essential solution platforms for different business sectors? Have access to new technologies and build the foundations of tomorrow ?, therefore highly visible and at the heart of all the company’s strategic projects.
As a Senior Architectural Advisor in IT Foundations, you contribute from a Movement perspective, to actively monitor the opportunities offered by new technologies or new business approaches and design solutions that meet business needs in large-scale projects or programs that capitalize on architectural targets and foundations.
You take on a leadership and influencing role with business partners and specialists in solution or enterprise architecture as part of strategic, complex and innovative initiatives from a Movement perspective. The nature of the files requires extensive and in-depth expertise in several technological and / or business fields and the coverage of aspects relating to data, applications and infrastructures.
You make recommendations relating to the architecture of solutions or business and produce deliverables relating to your field, within the framework of files or projects of very high operational and conceptual complexity. These require a comprehensive and in-depth analysis and understanding of the business field and the organization. There are many tie-downs. You are called upon to interact with a large number of stakeholders working in various fields of expertise. Mastering interpersonal relationships then becomes an essential skill.
You exercise a consultant and content role in your field and act as a resource person and coach to senior management and authorities.
We have taken the digital turn and it is accelerating its IT transformation by setting up IT Foundations, platforms, tools and practices that make it possible to offer innovative, optimal and sustainable business solutions in a coordinated manner and ensuring data security. To manage and evolve these IT Foundations, we have put in place a large team of all levels who work in agile mode across the company (with the SAFe framework).

Job Description
More specifically, you define reference architectures, define architecture patterns, participate in the Solutions Review Committee and ensure the governance of the proper use of Foundations.

Additional responsibilities
· You define transversal patterns of use of IT Foundations.
· Is responsible for the governance and proper use of the Foundations.
· Advise and support business partners and specialists in the use of positioning and architectural patterns.
· Organize, manage and deliver as needed guidance work on specific technical topics requiring consensus from multiple stakeholders.
See to the development and evolution of policies, standards, architectural targets and the foundations that support them, or technological solutions taking into account aspects affecting data, applications and infrastructure in support of projects and strategic initiatives of your unit.
· Target and analyze issues. Raise the big stakes. Establish frameworks and make recommendations to the bodies and committees concerned.
· Represent your unit on various committees made up of senior management and on authorities.

Special condition
Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate discipline
A minimum of eight years of relevant experience
Experience in enterprise architecture (an asset)






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