Java Developer

By | June 2, 2021

Job responsibilities

As a designer – Spring Framework (“Lead component architect”), the candidate:
Carry out designs, integrations and development of technological components and product functions
· Performs quality assurance of product components (automated use case)
Identifies the technological requirements of components / functions
Writes the appropriate technical documentation for the component (recipes, guides, code examples, …)
Participate in technical product presentations
Participate in patch development and support activities
Acts as an advisor to development teams
· Produces the “Releases notes” of the component

Job requirements:
Mandatory Java back-end technology
Knowledge to architect and design “Cloud Native” Java 12Factor-app applications (Spring, Spring Boot, and the Spring Cloud suite, Spring Data JPA, Spring Security)
Knowledge of build and delivery tooling (Maven / Gradle, GIT, Concourse / Jenkins, Artifactory, SonarQube)
· Knowledge of Cloud / PaaS runtime platform (VMware Cloud Foundry), as well as conventional runtime platforms (Weblogic, Tomcat).
Knowledge and expertise of Microservices / REST, Composite application, and Modern architectural stylesKnowledge of OAuth2 / OpenID Connect / JWT / JWE / JWS / JOSE security
Knowledge of the testability of application components
Advanced level knowledge of English

Other knowledge (assets):
Knowledge of strategies for outsourcing and using architectural services (security, session, cache, configurations, API gateway, service registry, etc.)
Knowledge of transversal concerns (Error management, Parallelism management, Internationalization and localization, version management)
Knowledge of the Consumer-Driven and Microservice approach (patterns and programming model via a Spring Cloud Contract / Swagger approach
Knowledge of design / integration patterns (Circuit Breaker, CQRS, Dependency Command, Timeout, Feature toogle, Progressive activation, …)
Knowledge of monitoring and logging strategies
Application knowledge: Batch processing, Events, Streaming






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