Student Painter Position

By | June 10, 2021

Job Position: Painter

Job Type: Part-Time/Full-Time

IF you were one of the people who did not qualify for the government’s help this past year during these crazy times OR you’ve already spent everything you got, YOU GOT ANOTHER CHANCE to get the money AND YOUR SOCIAL LIFE BACK!

I will be offering Full Time Jobs and many other opportunities!

Covering the Châteauguay and Saint-Hubert area with Student Works Painting you can get:

Full-time PAINTING job where you will be offering your AMAZING painting skills to our clients!

• 40-50h/week
• Attention to Detail
• Actively listening to customer preferences
• Excellent Customer Service
• Arm and Hand Strength
• A car and a valid driver’s license (HUGE advantage $ )
PAY: $15.50-$20/hour and REWARDS for hard work

• $$$MONEY$$$
• A chance to socialize and make new friends!
• An AMAZING life skill that will save you $$$ in the future!
• A look into HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS!

If you are interested or have ANY questions, DO NOT HESITATE to contact me!
Phone: (438)-872-0707
Instagram: vlad_painting
Facebook: Vladimir Student Painting – Châteauguay/Saint-Hubert

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