Dream Job Repairing Sidewalks :-)

By | May 3, 2021

Help keep Saskatoon safe and looking great with Armadillo Walkway Repairs. www.armadillowalk.com
$25/hr plus $3/hr retention bonus if you stay to the end of the contract plus productivity bonus (depends on how good a team player and how productive you are)
Note: ** This job will appeal to someone who values flexibility over a lot of overtime. Work will be near-full-time. But there will be short periods of no work. As compensation I will work around your off-work priorities and be flexible on which days we have off and I offer a retention bonus. **
Work is planned to go from about May 17 to mid October
Work is in various locations around Saskatoon with possibility of 2-3 weeks of work in North Battleford
Work involves trimming trip hazards and filling cracks on city sidewalks with a hand held grinder. No sidewalk or concrete experience required. Experience with hand held power tools an asset.
Must be able to work independently and safely. The work is repetitive. Work is noisy and dusty so must be willing to consistently wear all personal protective equipment (dust mask, hearing protection, eye protection, safety shoes, knee pads, hard hat).
Expected to actively contribute and make suggestions to help improve safety, quality and productivity.
Attention to detail is important and requires good hand-eye coordination.
The work is physically demanding and dusty with a lot of time on your knees.
Work is in a small crew of 2 people. It is best suited for those who prefer working alone with minimal interactions with others during the workday.
The position is well suited to those who genuinely get satisfaction from hard physical labour and appreciate being rewarded for their extra efforts.
IF INTERESTED, reply and attach your resume.
Sorry, but due to many applicants and my limited time, I can only respond to those sending resumes who are to be interviewed.
References will be required.
About your boss: I have been told that I am a good supervisor. My staff would call me honest, diplomatic, flexible and fair. I put priority on the needs of my staff and seek win-win solutions but do not tolerate safety infractions, dishonesty or slack behavior. Staff have a high level of job satisfaction at the end of the season.
Feel good about your job:
– Concrete is the largest industrial producer of CO2. Removing trip hazards and repairing cracks eliminates the need for new concrete.
– We recycle the concrete we remove.
– Armadillo purchases carbon offsets to offset the CO2 we produce.
– Removing trip hazards and filling cracks is much less expensive than removing and replacing the sidewalk so the City of Saskatoon can maintain many more sidewalks with our taxpayer’s money.
– We are focused on helping those most at risk of a life altering trip and fall: The elderly, those who must use wheelchairs, scooters, walkers or walking canes.
– We are regularly thanked by residents, especially those who know of others who have tripped and been injured.
– Improving the walkability of neighbourhoods has been shown to generally improve the health and wellbeing of the residents.
– We help raise civic pride by eliminating unsightly trip hazards.

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