Drillers helpers

By | May 1, 2021

We are currently seeking candidates for exploration projects thruout British Columbia .

The projects are thruout BC . Mid May to fall/ winter.Diamond drill exploration . Cat/ skid jobs and helicopter fly jobs .
12 hr shifts/ drill runs 24 hrs a day, for weeks or months at a time.

Projects may be where workers stay in town,or camp, 2 man crews, in the mountains. No cell phone coverage at drill rig rarely.
We are looking for experienced or younger ,fit individuals to train.
Candidates should be able to pass a drug and alcohol and fit for duty test.
Be capable of working long hours with repetitive tasks.shift work for extended periods.
Be able to perform heavy lifting.
Be safety conscious.
Physically fit/ no health issues

Have a positive attitude towards the job duties and other workers.
Some job duties are:
Emptying core tubes
Laying out hoseline for water supply.
Pulling rods for bit changes.
Maintaining, keeping equipment clean, organized.
Checking oils in machinery.

Schedules are :
12 hour shifts
Day shift or night shift
Work thru holidays
Work begins in May thru multiple areas in BC.
Be able to work up to a month with no days off.

Pay starting at 24$/hr to 30$/hr depending on experience.
Room and board supplied.
Bonus also paid on top of wages for footage, performance and good attitude.( bonus would amount to another 5$ to 15 $ an hr dependant in drilling conditions.
Would gross anywhere from around 11,000$ to 14,500$ (2 weeks) depending on drilling conditions.( better drilling = more bonus)

Need first aid and also BC first aid transportation ticket.(will be arranged for the transportation ticket)
Transportation provided to projects, but drivers license would be an asset.

Reply to this email with resumes and or previous job experiences and qualifications. References.


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