Looking for full-time or if anybody needs help.

By | June 4, 2021

I’m a type of guy who just likes to work I don’t like the stand around and dog f I do the job that I’m getting paid to do and I get it done I have experience in many trades in the past years from drywall, mud, taping from framing and steel stud framing finish work demolition work my dad was a carpenter so throughout the years he taught me how to build how to fix and I’ve just learned throughout the companies I’ve worked for a recently done flat roofing for the past six years but I’m really interested in getting into different opportunities for example framing. But if you need help with garbage cleanup or anything moved I have a truck and I can move garbage for you or haul a bed or if you need your yard cleaned up and landscape I can help you you just have to call me at 639-318-64 89 my name is Corey thank you for reading I hope I can do work for you.

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