Program Coordinator – KidsTime Child Care (School Age Care)

By | May 5, 2021

Job Description: Program Coordinator

KidsTime Child Care Inc.

Role of the Program Coordinator:
The Program Coordinator in conjunction with the Director is responsible for the successful delivery of the two programs available at KidsTime Child Care Inc (Colette Bourgonje). This includes the Before, and After School Programs. They will work directly with the children in these programs on a daily basis, as well as work in conjunction with the Program Manager fulfilling duties at the Lakeridge location.

The Program Coordinator is responsible for overseeing proposed changes (from the Director and/or Program Manager), co-ordination of the programs ongoing projects, and management of their inter-dependencies including oversight of any risks and issues arising.

The Program Coordinator will work full time. This role is crucial for creating and maintaining focus, enthusiasm and momentum. Along with the Director and the Program Manager, the Program Coordinator is responsible for the overall integrity and coherence of the program. They will develop and maintain the program environment to support each individual project within it.

Important Qualities & Skills:

The Program Coordinator must possess or strive to achieve the following attributes and abilities:

• Effective leadership, interpersonal and communication skills
• Responsible
• Reliable
• Trustworthy
• Kind/Caring
• Ability to self-reflect and adapt
• Efficient
• Task orientated
• Creative
• Fun & Spontaneous
• Ability to multitask
• Self motivated
• Good knowledge of techniques for planning, monitoring and managing all aspects of the program
• Ability to positively receive and give constructive feedback
• Ability to adapt to change in environment or routine
• Effective with time management
• Ability to gain respect and to create a sense of community amongst the members of the KidsTime Team. (Staff)
• Ability to find ways of solving or pre-empting problems
• Ability to manage and positively guide children, in large or small groups, or individually
• Ability to positively cope & manage stress

The Program Coordinator is responsible for:

• Providing a safe, stimulating environment, while effectively engaging children of all ages within the program.
• Monitoring progress within the program, resolving issues and initiating appropriate corrective action.
• Communicating positively, effectively and regularly with the school staff, community and families within the program.
• Maintaining effective quality assurance and the overall integrity of the program- focusing inwardly on the internal consistency of the program, and outwardly on its coherence with the school, community and families within the programs care.
• Ensuring the delivery of services and projects is to the appropriate level of quality, on time, and within budget, in accordance with the program plan.
• Motivate, enthuse and inspire team members to do their very best, while helping to develop the skills needed for their position.
• Facilitating employee ideas, and project development
• Managing communication with families within the program, and families wishing to register. (In conjunction with the Director and/or Program Manager)
• Managing risks to the programs successful outcome.
• Initiating activities for the children in the program on a daily basis in keeping with the programs goals and values.
• Communicating with the Director, the progress of the program and all its faucets at regular intervals.
• Keeping the program well supplied with groceries, first aid, art supplies, etc.
• Completing regular cleaning and organizational tasks at both locations.
• Completing any additional duties assigned by the Director

Other Requirements:

Criminal Record Check
First Aid & CPR (if you do not have this, KidsTime will cover the cost of this course)
Experience working with children
Education level will be discussed in person

Training for this position will be completed throughout May and June (time frames are flexible). Full time duties begin September 1st with the opportunity to choose 1-2 full weeks in August to get organized for the new students.

We are looking to hire someone long term, who wants to join our team and help grow our program to it’s full potential!
To apply for this position please email your complete cover letter and resume to

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