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By | March 13, 2021

Do you need a job? Do you like to make money? Are you looking for a career? Do you like to meet new people every day? ARE YOU A SALESPERSON?

If you answered “Yes” to 3 of more of these questions, Next Level Painting wants to talk to you.

If ALL of the following statements are true, then we want to hear from you:

– You are a generally a happy person.
– You can SPEAK, WRITE and most of all, BE UNDERSTOOD in standard Canadian English.
– You like to meet new people and people like to meet you.
– People tell you that “…you should be in Sales..”
– You want to have a job that has a good future.
– You are teachable AND coachable and do not mind some criticism.
– You have a valid and current Sask Driver’s license and a decent vehicle to get to and from work with and use on Sales calls.
– You can work in Canada legally without any permits, special licenses or notes from your parents/girlfriend/boyfriend.

If ANY of these following statements are true, then we DO NOT want to hear from you:

– You are an UN-Happy person.
– Hard work and people saying No makes you cry.
– You have attitude/negativity/ego problems.
– You are a chain smoker, do drugs, or are a big partier.
– You have trouble getting to work on time, you always want to leave early or you cannot manage your time well.
– You have done it all already and just love to tell everyone how smart/good/fast you are.
– You are not willing to try new things. You like doing things the way that you always have done them.

Job Description
– Your #1 task… Sell the services of the largest residential painting company in Saskatoon.
– Work with secured leads and develop new lead sources to sell painting services to.
– Develop networks and working relationships with both residential and commercial clients.
– Complete “Check Ins” with past and ongoing projects and clients. Keep track of the pulse of our clients
– Work with/ be functional with an in house estimating program (Paint Scout)
– Work with/ be functional with company CRM.
– Liaise with client and Next Level Painting work teams to ensure the expectations of both are met.
– Deal with conflicts as they arise, provide solutions for Conflict Resolution and resolve those conflicts.
– Manage and work within various Social Media platforms. (FB, IG, Houzz, Google, etc.)

Having previous painting industry experience would help, but it is not mandatory that you have any. We are looking for people who care, who listen and who understand what people want.

We work to make sure that we pay what the Saskatoon market is willing to bear for the work you are doing. This is a Full Time position and remuneration will be based on the results attained by the person in the position. The position is set up with a Base Pay and Bonus pay based on Sales and Project Performance.

After 90 days of exceptional performance, you will be given a review. If you are a top performer and a really great fit with our company, then you will already seamlessly be working with our team and the sky is the limit for you at Next Level Painting. Our team members are VERY detail oriented. They love their jobs. They love this company. We work hard. We expect the same from all of our team members. We take care of our team. This is not the typical Saskatoon painting company. We are different. (In a good way).

Our company offers Health & Benefits packages, access to a Pension Plan and other perks not normally seen in the Painting Industry. We are different than all the others and want our people to be that way as well.

If any of this sounds like a good fit for you, then please read this part very, very carefully.

The first thing you need to do is to send a resume to us.

DO NOT call first. DO NOT text first. SEND THE RESUME FIRST. If you do not follow these instructions, you are not the person(s) we are looking for. You do not get to pass Go or go any further. There are people who will not follow these instructions. This may be because they are not detail oriented and will not read this entire job post.

Are you the one who will? The one that we want to hire next? Are you the one who we are looking for? Are you the Sales Person who can take our company to the Next Level?

Basic Disclaimer
– Must be able to work a full 8 to 10 hour day, at least a 40 hour week and some weekends.
– Must be a non smoker or at least be able to go from 8 am to 5 pm without stopping “for a quick cigarette break.”
– This is a staff position. Some work will need to be done outside of the normal 8 am to 5 pm work day. We need to sell our services to our clients when they are ready to meet with us.

Remember, send us your resume 1st…

Reference ID: 2021NLPSP
Application deadline: 2021-04-02
Expected start date: 2021-04-06
Job Types: Full-time, Permanent
Salary: $47,500.00-$57,500.00 per year

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