2 strong people need for 2 hours of heavy lifting and moving

By | March 30, 2021

We need 2 strong people to help for about 1-2 hours on Wednesday, March 31.

(1) Lift a heavy washing machine up over a stove and *gently* set it down in a closet. This is the hardest part of the job. Must be very strong to do this properly!

(2) Move a heavy, motorized desk from one bedroom to the room next door. Very hard, because the desk is heavy and big. Awkward to lift and get through doorways. Very challenging.

(3) Move bookshelves and the books between bedrooms on the same floor. Not too hard, but will take a while to get all of the stuff moved.

(4) Move a heavy treadmill machine from the top floor down to the floor below. Rolls on the flats, but has to be babied down the stairs.

If you work fast and well you two might get this done in a little over an hour. Or maybe it’ll take a bit longer. I really, really doubt it would take 2 full hours.

Job is $80 total, in cash. ($40 per person).

I’m 6’1” (186cm) and strong, and I don’t want to hire a couple of small, weak people. I could do these things with a friend, but my back’s not good.

You must both wear masks the entire time you’re in the house.

House is a few minutes walk from the Chester subway station.

If responding to this ad, please let me know a bit about yourselves.

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