Gardening helper needed 4 to 8+hrs/week, On-call, $16

By | June 14, 2021

Thank you for your interest,

This is not a grass-cutting job or a grass-cutting business. We mainly do weeding, bed cleaning, garden bed constructing, mulching, pruning, planting, seeding, small plant/root removal, and more.

Please read the whole ad before applying or contacting me with any questions.

Vehicle required for distancing and to bring your own tools to minimize contact – shovel, pruners, rake for leaves, brush…
We will be outdoors, keeping a distance, wearing gloves and we would wear masks when working closely. I will do my best to keep us distant so we can work without a mask, wherever possible.

Payout is on same day.

Hours will vary from week to week – from approx. 4 hrs to 8+ hours. Business is growing.

On-call = on short notice. I don’t mind if you take time off, on short notice, however, if you’re never available when I call you, I’ll stop calling you for work.

I would demonstrate and detail the work that needs to be done, and I would help you as you go, with any questions.

You would be considered self-employed (a subcontractor) who would be responsible for deducting and filing your own HST, just like driving with Uber or working as a tradesperson for a builder.

Jobs are in Aurora, King, Markham, Newmarket, East Gwill, and Richmond Hill. You would get paid a bit more for further jobs, such as in Thornhill, Bradford or Vaughan.

Work is low-stress and keeps you fit and tanned.

You must be able to tolerate working consistent multiple hours under direct sun, although most locations have more shade than sun.

Most jobs will take between 1 and several hours.

Must be fluent in english.

You should be able to work multiple hours without going to the bathroom or taking a break.

Breaks are not paid. You are required to take breaks responsibly in a way that does not jeopardize our reputation or agreement with a customer. You will be required to advise me of your breaks if I am not working at the same site as you, so I can deduct the time accordingly.

You must be able to consecutively carry fifteen 40 pound bags of stone, or equivalent, over a distance of up to 50 feet. This is on rare occasions but still a possibility and therefore is a requirement.

Experience with the following is an asset: using a wheel burrow, a dolley/pulley, pruners, digging soil, digging roots, planting, weeding, raking.

You will not be required to climb any ladders or use any power equipment.

I’m currently looking for 2 helpers where I will pick one main helper, and use the second helper as back-up.

Must be able to kneel or squat for a couple of hours straight, to apply sod, mulch, or pull weeds.
Must be able to shovel dirt out of or into garden beds for multiple hours, or turn soil for multiple hours.

You must be independently able to keep busy and working at a quick pace, ask for direction when necessary, grow your gardening knowledge (have good memory) and grow your problem-solving abilities for recurring or similar issues.

You must be comfortable with working alone for a customer and calling me if/when required. Also, to communicate with me via a video app, such as facetime, whatsapp or facebook messenger when necessary. Some weeks we will work together more than others. You would confirm your understanding of what needs to be done before you begin, and I will be available throughout. A video call would be required before you leave the site.

You must be easy-going, mature, patient, hard-working, respectful, a good teammate, and have a sense of humour. I am not a serious-only miserable or antisocial person. I am serious about my work, but not when I talk to a helper, unless there’s an issue. I therefore am looking for someone who is not miserable or rude, who will be okay with socializing and is not antisocial, when we are working together. Much of the time we will be at different sites, and this will not apply.

We all have our issues that might make us down on some days, but those need to be left at home so working together can be enjoyable for both of us and we can build strength to overcome any personal issues after work. With COVID measures in place, our ability to socialize is already reduced, so it is important for me to be able to remain social where possible and the ideal candidate feels the same way.

You must be able to express yourself when you have questions or concerns.

You must be able to maintain a positive attitude in tough situations.

This job is ideal for someone with alternative school work or contract work that can be done when I don’t have work for you, as hours are not guaranteed. Ie. summer school students, uber drivers, musicians, bartenders who work weekends and want extra money and exercise if and when possible; also someone who has another on-call job that they can decline if I call them first.

You will usually be scheduled from a few days to the evening before.

Pay is $16/h and you can be paid on the same day if you prefer, via e-transfer.

Only applicants who will be considered will be contacted. If you are not one of the top 2 applicants, I can still keep your name on file in case there is a need. Please let me know if this interests you, during your interview (if you are selected for an interview). This would be for in the event that one helper is no longer available.

Please ask for my email to send your resume.

Make sure to let me know that you have a car, you are available most weekdays, whether or not you’re available most Saturdays, and if you have any of the outlined experience and tools. Please also let me know what your current employment or school status is, and that you will be able to do video calls with me as described above.

Selected applicants will be called for a “phone interview” within a few days of applying. Thank you to all applicants, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Thank you! I look forward to enjoying summer with two or more of you!

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