Harvey's Restaurant Job Opening for All positions. @Milton

By | June 8, 2021

Harveys Restaurant in Milton, ON is looking for passionate, energetic and outgoing people to join our team here at Milton, Ontario for all positions . We are looking for a Grill Master/Garnisher/Cashier/Drive Thru/Supervisor to oversee all restaurant operations, including welcoming and serving customers.

We have positions available for Grill Master/Garnisher/Cashier/Drive Thru/Supervisor with plenty of training to be provided. We believe in setting up every new member of the team for success.

Some responsibilities may include:

Open or close the restaurant (when responsible for the first or last shift)
Maintain a fully-stocked inventory and order food supplies, as needed
Help staff resolve on-the-job challenges
Handling Cash orders
Cooking and serving food
Offering great customer service
Taking orders in drive thru over a headset
Garnishing orders to the guests preference

We also believe in creating a great experience and opportunity to grow and move on into more leadership types of positions.

Please send your resume to harveys2435@recipeunlimited.com

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time


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