By | March 16, 2021

General Contracting Company based out of Durham Region hiring 2 skilled labourers. We focus mainly on interlock, decks, fences and all exterior renos during warm months and do snow removal and drywall/taping/framing in winter. Must have license and means of transport. Ideal candidates will have some experience in all or at least some fields mentioned above (if you don’t and are eager to learn, hardworking and don’t mind starting at the bottom and busting your ass to work your way up give me a call anyways.) Ideally my business partner and I are looking for two people we can teach the skills we’ve acquired over the years and build up to take on major roles in the companies development (so if youre just looking for a job for a month or two until you’re rehired at your old job dont waste my time.) Pay will very much depend on experience. We can wok out on the books or cash payments at the moment if person hired is collecting benefits and wishes to continue doing that. I don’t mind. Anyways, if you’re looking to learn multiple trades and gain real knowledge and want to move up and grow with a company and are willing to work hard, learn and dedicate yourself then give me a call and we can talk and give you a shot. Don’t bother with resumes, just call or text me at 647-574-5111 I’m working 14 hour days and won’t read a resume I prefer to speak to someone and ask what I need to ask. Look forward to hearing from any and all applicants.
C&D Contracting

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