Job Assistance

By | March 19, 2021

I help people everyday who are looking for a job with the Ontario Government. I am an expert with the hiring process. I have been working with the Ontario Government for many years, and I know they have a very detailed application/hiring process.

✅ There are over 200 available jobs throughout the province with Work From Home options. I will send you the link for available jobs.
✅ have a 23-page guidebook with a lot of tips and resume/cover letter examples on how to build your application. This guide book is $10 and can be emailed to you.
✅ If you would like me to edit your resume / cover letter, it is $20.
✅ If you would like me to make the resume/application for you, it could take up to 5 hours and will cost $50.
✅ I even conduct mock interviews, prices vary.
✅ Please contact me via e-mail to get started on your journey with Ontario Public Service.

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