NEW JOB: Brand Ambassador for a sustainability company

By | March 20, 2021

Become an ambassador. Rebuild our forests.

Do you have an interest in eco-friendly living? Enjoy posting on Instagram, Youtube, or your blog?

You may be perfect as an OurForest ambassador where you can earn cash and rewards every time you refer someone to install our Extension.

This is the perfect opportunity for up-and-coming content creators and social media influencers.

What is OurForest?
OurForest is a free Chrome Extension that plants trees and funds reforestation projects when people shop online — for free, automatically.

We believe that if you shop online, you can make a difference. By supporting reforestation projects, we’re helping offset CO2, revive destroyed and infertile lands, while providing income for families in poverty-stricken regions.

Brands pay us a fee when someone shops at their store while our extension is installed, and we use that fee to fund reforestation projects and pay our ambassadors.

As an ambassador, you will have a direct impact on helping those in need, rebuilding biodiversity across the world, and helping shape the future of entire ecosystems.

Responsibilities as an ambassador:
– Make your own hours and earn money every time someone installs OurForest from your link.
– Connect and network with other like-minded influencers and sustainability enthusiasts.
– Represent OurForest on your Social Media and owned content.
– Do something good for the earth! When you shop with our extension installed, you’ll be creating jobs and rebuilding forests.
– Create and submit original photos/videos/articles of you discussing or showing OurForest in action.
– Get trees planted in your name every time someone signs up through your link.
– Be featured on our social network pages and newsletter.

Who is the ambassador program for?

If you have a passion for meeting people and posting on social media, get your social media followers and friends signing up using a custom-branded link and earn money for the referral.

Social media influencers
Social media influencers earn easy income by sharing their love for OurForest with their followers. Create a post, Tik Tok, Reel, or Story, and add us into your linktree. Whenever someone installs the free extension, you’ll earn a commission.

Content creators
The more you share, the more you earn. There’s no limit to how much you can make as an ambassador.

Bloggers and writers
Discuss OurForest in your blog, add us in your sidebar and earn passive income whenever someone signs up from your content.

Add some links into your videos, descriptions, and place a quick ad plug to earn more doing what you’re already doing.

Promote OurForest in your courses, tutorials, and classes to turn your passion into income.

Here’s what you get as an ambassador

Get paid
Get paid every time someone installs our extension. You’ll earn income by getting friends, followers, and fans to install a free chrome extension that anyone can use.

Make a difference
As your followers shop online, they’ll see how many trees you’ve planted grow. This way, you’re helping our planet whenever they make a purchase.

Get promoted
We’ll promote your posts, blogs, videos, photos, and more through our Instagram, blog, and newsletter.

Requirements we look at:
– A strong presence on social media and/or blogging platforms

– Experience creating online content such as podcasts, articles, videos, or photos.

– An upbeat, professional attitude.

– An outgoing, friendly personality, and a desire to meet new people

– Experience in working as an influencer, podcaster, affiliate, vlogger, or blogger is a plus!

Together, we’ll help reforest the world. Visit this link to apply to become an ambassador today:

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