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By | June 12, 2021


Job Description:Select Food Products Ltd. is a Toronto-based 100% Canadian family-owned food manufacturer with over 80 years of experience in the sauce and condiment space. Select is a private label manufacturer for Retail, Foodservice, Co-Manufacturing and Industrial customers in Canada, the U.S. and globally. Our Select branded products are well known in the Foodservice Industry. Select has a diverse product offering comprised of cooked sauces such as ketchup, BBQ, salsa, pasta, Worcestershire and Teriyaki sauces, and gravies as well as cold mixes like mayonnaises, aioli’s, mustards, and salad dressings. Select has deeply entrenched relationships with leading North American retail, co- manufacturing, foodservice and industrial customers. Select was acquired in July 2015 by Andrew Mitchell, who has focused on transitioning it from a ‘mom and pop’ to a professionally managed company. The company continues to invest heavily in all aspects of its people, technology and equipment (installed 5 new production lines and are in the process of installing another new retail line), to supercharge its growth and become more competitive, innovative and responsive to its retail private label partners in Canada and in the US. Select has experienced solid growth and continues to expand the Select family. We are seeking for an energetic, creative, experienced, detail oriented and food loving Senior Product Developer to join our team to contribute to Select’s innovation and growth. The ideal candidate should have: · Project management expertise, documentation and organizational skills along with a strong understanding of various manufacturing processes · A good palate and willingness to taste flavors and products, · Detailed orientation to get things done right the first time Job Description: · Lead sensory evaluations, prepare product specifications, conduct shelf life evaluations, collect and analyze product data, and optimize formulas in production · Develop and commercialize formulas from theoretical to test kitchen to full production. · Monitor and analyze food trends and data to innovate and develop new concepts for customer presentations; · Leverage supplier networks to source new and improved ingredients; · Develop, re-formulate, test and optimize formulas and processes to meet nutritional and quality specifications based customer, regulatory, and/or cost guidelines; · Prepare lab samples for customer submissions or tests along with required documentation; · Record formula and methodology based on lab and plant trials; · Conduct sensory evaluations, · Collaborate with cross-functional teams (e.g., Sales, Operations, Quality, Purchasing) In addition, we are looking for someone who is, and the successful candidate will require the ability and desire to work in a team based, collaborative, egoless environment. The ideal candidate shall likewise be a champion and proponent of Select’s Core Values which includes: 1. Respect 2. Team-work 3. Accountable 4. Pulling together 5. Have fun 6. Trust each other 7. Always Better By applying to this Senior Product Developer position, you are confirming you possess either a Canadian citizenship, permanent resident status or work permit, along with the required degrees, licenses or certificates listed in the job. This position reports to the Product Development Manager, who reports to the Director of Sales. The ideal candidate will have: a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science, or a relevant field, Versed in different manufacturing environments 5+ years of product development experience in the food manufacturing industry. Self-motivated multi-tasker adaptive to a fast-paced environment. Solid verbal and written communication skills Strong computer skills. Strong project management, documentation and organizational skills Application deadline: 2021-XX-XX Expected start date: 2021-07-05 Job Types: Full-time, Permanent Job ID: 34711876
Select Food Products, Ltd.

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