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By | March 30, 2021

Ready for a career change?

The Canadian Institute of Home Inspectors provides Canada-wide Accredited Home Inspector Training.

Our course is a hybrid of both take home and in class sessions. The take home consists of our reading modules that are approximately 800 pages combined. Here we have easy to understand content with great images and diagrams. We also have the in class sessions which are free of charge for our students and are optional to attend. We recommend our students attend these as we review the most important information in the modules, look at real display models of furnaces and water heaters, as well as performing a mock home inspection.

The length of study typically takes 3-4 months but varies with students as some have demanding jobs and big families while others may have more available time to dedicate to their studies.

We do not have any prerequisites to enroll in our program. While having a trades background will definitely help the student; our modules are created so that no background is necessary as the material is written clearly and easy to understand. We have many great images and illustrations when discussing topics. You can view short excerpts from our modules on our website under the Home Inspector Training Course tab.

Our home inspector training program costs $3,200 plus tax. We do offer a financing option as well to help break up the payments. The payment plan is broken down into 6 monthly payments of $560.00.

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Canadian Institute of Home Inspectors

 Ready for a career change? Canadian Accredited Home Inspector Training

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